Dr. Esther Obeng: At Home in Her Lab at St. Jude

We love this feature on one of our fabulous grantees, Dr. Esther Obeng of St. Jude! Not only is Dr. Obeng a first-generation American, she’s also designing studies to identify cancer-causing mutations and then developing clinical trials with revolutionary therapies that target them.

“One of the reasons that I study the research that I do is I had a patient who had a type of bone marrow failure syndrome. And her parents said, when she ultimately passed away, that they knew that they received the best care possible, and they just wished we knew something more,” Obeng said.

“That inspires me, in my research, to look for something more. It’s a privilege every day to take care of patients just like that one.”

We are honored to support Dr. Obeng’s work! Read the full feature here.