The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research was officially created in 2019, with the goal of raising funds for music therapy and cancer research.  The YPC consists of young professionals, philanthropists, celebrities, and influencers who are committed to organizing fundraising events in support of our mission. The first event organized by the YPC was the Mid-Summer Angel Gala in NYC in June 2019 followed by the Winter Masquerade Ball in San Francisco in December 2019 and the Fall Gala in 2021. All of our events have sold out weeks in advance and garnered great press coverage! We are so grateful to the YPC for raising over $500,000 for our mission.

In 2022, the YPC is back with their signature Midsummer Angel Gala planned for June 23rd at the Classic Car Club! More details here