Simulator 027 Simulation Software: All Racing Unleashed simulators work with Assetto Corsa Pro® as basis for its simulation

  • Assetto Corsa Pro
    • Laser scanned tracks
    • Broad variety of cars
    • Ghost cars and replay functions
    • Different camera views available
  • Custom-made motion control software
  • TeamViewer for remote assistance by Racing Unleashed

Simulator 027 Technical Specs:


  • 3.2m x 3.2m Space for the Simulator
  • Electricity: 1.6kW (2.4kW peak)
  • Connection: Euro Plug, T12 or as required
  • Internet Connection (LAN Cable) 


  • Simulator 100kg
  • Platform 40kg
  • Cabinet 70kg
  • 3x Monitor 70kg
  • Monitor structure 40kg
  • Carbon Frame 3kg