Voices of Support

Helping Patients

January 2016

The money that goes to research that funds these drugs, these cures, these new treatments enable people like me to survive.

Erin Zammett Ruddy - Angel Ambassador, Leukemia Survivor

Kindling and the Match

January 2016

I think of it as if you’re building a fire, what Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation did is they provided the kindling and the initial match to get it started. So, now I can put more logs on the fire and get a good blaze going.

Anthony Letai, MD, PhD; Dana-Farber C.I. - Two-Time Grantee

Seed Money

November 2015

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation gave us the seed money that is so critical to allow us to gather some preliminary data in an area that we have previously not been engaged in. Without it, I would say about half of the experiments that we are currently doing in the lab would not have existed.

Alex Y.C. Huang, MD, PhD - Grantee, Case Western Reserve University

Making an Impact

June 2015

We have funded some incredibly promising physician scientists, who are applying novel and state-of-the-art techniques to address fundamental problems in the genesis and treatment of blood related cancers. Now more than ever, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation is making an impact on the careers of these very talented and dedicated individuals. To make progress in the struggle to cure cancer requires vision.  It requires dedication and it requires courage.  The life of a scientist is filled with many frustrations and frequent rejections but hopefully some real glory, the glory of discovery.

Stephen D. Nimer, MD - Chairman, Medical Advisory Board

Changing Lives

October 2014

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation really does change lives and I am so proud to be a part of it.

Alan Cumming - Angel Ambassador