Conversations About Cancer

12 September 2013

conversatyions about cancer

Our first-ever patient advocacy event, “Fertility, Intimacy & You,” brought together patients & healthcare providers to address the important issues of patients faced with a cancer diagnosis. Our 6-member panel included Angel Ambassadors Suleika Jaouad & Ethan Zohn representing patient perspectives, and Dr. Sage Bolte, Christopher Anrig, Dr. Mercedes Castiel, and Dr. Shari Goldfarb who illuminated from a medical standpoint on topics including the effects of chemotherapy on fertility, treatment-induced sexual dysfunction, dating after cancer, and how to talk to your doctor about these vital and sensitive issues. Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation hopes this will be the first in a series of important discussions facing cancer patients today.  Help us keep the conversation going online at #ConversationAboutCancer @CureCancerNow